Helix Digital is a multi-discipline creative company focused on brand-driven performance marketing while pushing the boundaries of Machine Learning, AI and advanced automation technologies.

The difference

Helix is all about creating partnerships that drives growth & sustainability. We invest our own capital in your business, to take your company to the next level. Delivering the last key piece of the puzzle, that transforms your idea into business, your business into a brand. 

Creating partnerships

The minimum eligibility requirement is $30,000 ad spend per month.
We do not have monthly fees, nor we work based on ad spend.
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Nature of Partnerships

We do business with entrepreneurs who are seeking to create value in a given industry. Our partners gain full access to our well known resources – such as Helix Metrics, Helix Media, Helix Support, Helix Consulting or Helix Development – creating an optimised framework that bridges customer acquisition and brand recognition.

Start Up Project

We believe in Start Ups!
We are aware that In today’s competition hitting the eligibility requirements could be a great challenge, hence we’ve created the Start Up Project. You can apply now without any strict requirement. In your application do not forget to include proof of concept or market viability evaluation of your product / service.

Let’s get started

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