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We’ve designed HelixMetrics to help you achieve the point of perfection, to be able to operate on the Highest Return with the Lowest cost.
Understand your data, have a clear vision what to do next and execute your strategy in the right order at the right time.

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Profit Journey™

Advanced Product Matching

We analyse all of your ads and automatically match them with your products. With this information we are able to give you in depth analyses about the performance of your products. 

Net Profit / Product

We breakdown your daily profit by products. With this information you are able to make quick business decisions whether to stop, continue or relaunch a product line.

Multi-channel Profit View

Your Front-end marketing is unprofitable? We aggregate your profits from all of your marketing channels, this way you’ll see whether a campaign group is profitable or not, regardless what you see in Ads Manager.

Advanced Product Graph

Do you know which products make you the most money? Which products are in Deficit? Top Spend? Top Income? 
Helixmetrics will show all of your products on a graph showing the journey of your products breaking it down by business KPI’s

Advance Profit Journey


HelixMetrics is more than just a social ads intelligence tool — it’s an elevated way to work. Businesses that switch to HelixMetrics become far more profitable than before. Being better is a choice — choose HelixMetrics.

The Basic Stuff

Automatic, Per-Order Analytics

Look at your per-order net profit after all costs are considered including shipping, ad spend, transaction fees, discounts, refunds and more. We combine everything in one place – no spreadsheets.

True Profit & LTV In Real Time

No more living with 5 different analytics tools and still not knowing how much profit you make each day. Get daily profit alerts to stay on top of your business.

Run Profitable Ads

We combine store profit data with ad-level data from all your marketing channels. Now you can see which campaigns are profitable and have the highest LTV:CAC ratio after all costs (including shipping, refunds and COGS).


Multi-channel currency conversion

Storefronts and Ad accounts in different currencies? No problem. OrderMetrics combines data from all sales & advertising channels into a single dashboard. We automatically convert account currencies to a single currency of your choice & track fluctuations daily.

Order in Chaos

We show you the true relation between Traffic & Revenue. Multi Channel Attribution is available.

Upcoming features

Interactive Facebook Ads Rules System

With Helix’s advanced performance based system you are able to set up hardcore rules without messing around with complex conditions. Have a clear vision about your automatisation and control them interactively.

Automatic Audience Creation

We all hate creating custom audiences and lookalikes. Say good bye to manual audience creation, focus on what matters the most…which is your marketing.

Testing Phase

How much do you spend for testing? When does your products / ads exit testing phase? We benchmark your store & ad account and give you insights when to kill a product / marketing angle.


Accelerated Creative Campaign structuring

We all hate facebook’s buggy interface. Get ready for something that you’ve never see before. An interface which gives you inspiriation to write amazing ad copies meanwhile cutting half the structuring & creation time

Actionable intel in your pocket

Check your stats next to a cup of coffee, pause – restart campaigns with one tap. Helix is optimised for mobil experience.


Creative Workflow

Reporting & ad creation shouldn’t be dry and buggy. Our UX gives you inspiration and motivation every day.  

Keep your orders organised


We understand that fulfilling orders can be messy. With our Google Sheet integration Helix’s pushes your orders automatically to your google spreadsheet. Have your supplier update your sheet with tracking numbers. When a cell is filled with tracking number we sync it with Shopify.

See detailed information about your supplier’s fulfilment speed. 

The Helix™ Experience


HelixMetrics is more than just a social ads intelligence tool. We are dedicated to help you generate more profit. We are offering Educational contents from the best Digital Marketers in the World for free. Say good bye to gurus and courses.

We have inner circle groups where we share our most advanced performance based strategies

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